Still Here!

This past six or seven months, it is as if everyone has been in suspended animation. Organizations I’m involved with were at near stoppage levels, or perhaps barely creeping along in the midst of all the COVID-19 problems.

From my perspective, this had the positive effect of permitting me to slow down a bit, and ‘smell the roses’ as it were. For example, in our area of the midwest, mornings are spectacular, and when I took my morning walks, they became a regular and necessary part of my daily routine.

I have an “old fogey” hat that I wear on my walks, and even the neighborhood crows began to recognize me. In those warm mornings, with sparkling sunshine and the quiet of the subdivision, it was truly relaxing and rejuvenating. Something I’d suggest to anyone needing to unwind.

However, if I didn’t get out and walk before 11am, then the clouds would begin to come in, mostly driven up north by the usual churning over the Gulf. By 1:00, tracks of clouds either East or West of my area would begin to thicken, and at times, would darken and turn into storms (happily, 85% of them ran up that same East or West sides, and all we would get would be the faint sounds of thunderclaps elsewhere).

Now the weather patterns are changing for Autumn, and my hope is that the clear mornings will continue (albeit, cooler) and I can retain this happy habit for a time longer.

Let tomorrow take care of itself!

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