Antarctica’s Political Boundary’s

Over the years I’ve read various items about Antarctica, notably – to my mind at least – is the fact that the snow and ice depth there extends (vertically) to a couple miles. In addition to that, the ice is not evenly distributed there, and in some places it is thinner than that. There are a couple mountain ranges there which I’m sure helps with breaking up the distribution of ice and snow just by the fact that they are there.

Sometime in the 1950-1960 time period, in association with various international geophysical research initiatives, it was decided that only scientific research would be done there, and the continent then was divided up consistent with that model. There is a portion of the ice-cream cone that essentially is aligned with France, another with Australia – China and Russia also have their pieces as well.

Countries like the US essentially finds itself as part of a broader, and less boundary-centric position where it enjoys the hospitality of allied friends. Given the circular shape of that continent, it is like a big pizza pie, cut up by a somewhat tipsy pizza chef.

For some reason I’ve watched a number of different youTube videos on this topic, and I’ve found myself wondering about the many conspiracy theories afloat in which Antarctica figures prominently.

It seems that back a few million years ago there was a single, big continent which split itself into a number of pieces which dispersed themselves into what the world looks like today.

If you can believe the associated stories, the continent that is now Antarctica itself drifted into that spot much the same way the other continents did. The exciting aspect of this is that, what may be under the ice could be frozen remnants of what the prehistoric earth may have been like. (Think “Jurassic Park”).

Some archaeologists have found some pretty interesting things in what areas they have been able to excavate. This then is the source of my own interest since there seems to be a steady drip-drip-drip of reports of new discoveries on a frequent basis.

Of course, Antarctica is also a convenient discussion narrative source that can be mined for sensational, click-bait from whatever conspiracy theory you may subscribe to, from ‘Global Warming’ to ‘WW II Nazi’s in UFO’s’.

From time to time I’ll be posting my thoughts on this area so don’t be surprised if you see a few more of these sorts of missives.

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