Thoughts on Police Forces

I seem to recall, many years ago that the then popular craze was to decry local governments because the requirements to be a Cop or a Fireman were too difficult for some to pass.

In response to this clamor raised at the time, many cities and state governments began to loosen and lower those requirements. In addition to that, and at the same time, civil liberties organizations and legal groups began to aggressively shield police officers who were deemed as being ‘unfit’ because of their behavior, especially in regards to obeying the rules that governed what they should or shouldn’t do as a police man.

It now seems that those same groups, so committed to lowering or reducing the only tools of compliance that cities and states had to control and manage the ‘bad apples’, now seems to be the bone of contention here.

In the Deep Blue states, where this process has been occurring so aggressively over these many years, we now see the fruit of their ‘wisdom’. The best I can characterize it is : when you specialize in political food-fights, even if you win, you are still covered with mashed potatoes.

I should also point out that those Deep Blue states, having squandered away their ‘fortune’, and having taxed their base to the point where they’ve driven out potential for prosperity, now are somehow shocked that they are broke, and as a result, want the rest of the country to bail them out.

I say, in those states that have these sort of problems, they need to enact strong reforms to fix their problem areas. If the federal government is involved, it would be to come in and assess what needs to be done to set things right in those states (police and financial reforms). Those states, failing in making serious changes probably should be left to engineer their own way out of their jam.

No doubt they will claim that Red States caused it all to happen and that those same Red states “owe it to them”. Such is the way of political depravity.

From a Security perspective, why would anyone invest in states and municipalities who do not make any provisions for protecting such investments?

I’d say only the really desperate investor, or those who have bigger objectives outside of ‘investing’ will be attracted by all this.

For myself? Staying clear of it all.

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