Opening Up and ‘Spikes’

I’ve been watching the many protests unfolding before my eyes all across the country. Just like the many other protests I’ve also witnessed over the years, usually stoked up for ‘social change’ by political groups, As I watched things, I wondered to myself “What exactly has really changed here as a result of it all besides simply ‘firing up their base’?

Reportedly, tens of thousands of people have been walking around state capitols and even Washington, DC, shaking their fists at the sky, shouting slogans, and possibly (probably) shedding Coronavirus cells onto one another in the name of the cause.

As for our popular news services (aka “The MSM”), they of course, are doing what they have done for as long as I can recall – filling the airwaves with confusing tales, at the moment focusing on two conflicting perspectives, neither of which is motivated by their interests in people’s well being, but solely to further their ‘narratives’.

The first perspective I’m hearing is how, by opening up states to commerce (and incidentally, opening churches too) is a sure formula for a second wave, another huge spike in the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, responsible people reallyt need to stay home, and stay out of (for example) churchs – an action that will help to prevent “coronageddon” from infecting us all.

Alternatively, their second perspective (these are the same people saying this in another breath…) is that the act of marching for social justice, scourging police brutality, is so important that it MUST be done because: ( fill in reason of the day ). In any case, no right-thinking, sensitive individual, should even be worried about spiking those pesky COVID-19 curves because protesting is the ‘righteous thing to do’.

I picture myself, on a boat moored off the coast, and watching the cliff-faces overlooking the ocean, as torrents of lemmings rush off the edge, into the ocean, doing what they truly believe is the ‘righteous’ thing to do.

Personally, I pray that what we will really see here is that the feared COVID-19 threat will ultimately prove to having been the product of an overreaction driven by fear. At this moment in time, those hundreds and thousands of idealistic, and dutiful social justice warriors we are watching will inadvertently be acting as our proxies – ‘canaries in the coal mine’ as it were, for the benefit our nation.

If, it is as the MSM states, there will be no COVID-19 spike for whatever reason, as a result of the demonstrations, we can reason that it was simply a matter of overreaction by our media and our political classes. (Remember: It’s all “SCIENCE”).

So, in any case, I think we should just get on with opening up our nation, and get back to our lives.

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