As I write this, my state is on the verge of “Open Up” culture (everything’s a ‘culture’ these days, eh?)

Three or four months ago, this whole proposition would have sounded like an absurd thing, but after going through the great ‘Hunkering Down’ and the subsequent daily panic workshops courtesy of the CDC and the Mainstream Media, it doesn’t sound so absurd after all.

In the past week it has been becoming clear that all of the vaunted models we were presented with were, in fact, wrong. At the outset, where we didn’t know much of anything about CV19 that was forgivable – but as the days turned into weeks, continuing to beat the panic drum has not been helpful.

The unveiling of the understood aspects (in the public domain) began with a team of doctors who, using the data sets provided by the government, applied a little analytic insight and explained to the world that the real morbidity of COVID was looking to be far, far less than we were told.

Surprisingly, instead of this being met with elation, the posts / videos were immediately struck down, and banned. That certainly doesn’t sound like the sort of thing that should be happening in a free country.

The cry instead we hear from the Mainstream Media is that we should stay ‘hunkered down’, and not listen to those (common-sense) elements and ‘resist’ opening up. Comically, stories about ‘murder hornets’ and other panic reinforcing stories began to pop up in Mainstream sources, causing me to wonder whether there is any sort of linkage or not.

Nevertheless, in my corner of the world, things are opening up and we will soon find out if it is CORONAGEDDON or just a blip on the radar screen.

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